By Angela S. Santos

In March 2011, The Economist asked its online readers if London was losing its financial centre's appeal. 58 percent said yes. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) recently showed that in 2012, for the first time, London fell from its top spot as the ... [Continue reading here]
By Darren Yates

Bridging finance, also referred to as "bridge loans" and "bridging loans", have nothing at all to do with re-constructing the London Bridge. Bridging finance is typically a short-term loan that a business uses to supply cash for a real estate transaction until permanent ... [Continue reading here]
By George Fuller

London is one of the most influential cities in the world and an expensive place for vacation rentals. An official survey ranks London as the third most expensive city in the world. Yet, many visitors and tourists from all over the world continue to visit London for vac ... [Continue reading here]
By Amanda Chick

Students with lifelong aspirations of being at the cutting edge of business and finance should not do anything by halves and enroll at a London business school to secure a head start with leading business and management education.

Submerging yourself in the ... [Continue reading here]
By David John Martin

After so much uncertainty in the skies over the past few months and confusion over what travel insurance companies would and wouldn't pay out for, the summer of 2010 could see the train becoming the chosen means of transport for travellers looking for a more reliabl ... [Continue reading here]
By Emma Knight

Planning a British vacation can be exciting, but it can also be confusing. For many people, this will be their dream vacation that they have saved long and hard for or that will celebrate an important event like a wedding or anniversary. So it really does pay to plan care ... [Continue reading here]
By Patrick Chong

If there was ever a time to purchase some good UK travel insurance, before a trip to the haunted capital would be it. London is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the world, much to the delight of ghost hunters. There is also quite a following of fans of para ... [Continue reading here]
By Harsal Gibs

As Europe's largest city, London is home to over eight million people. The country spans over a staggering 620 km starting from River Thames. London is credited for being the most diverse and multicultural metropolises in the entire world. Because of its rich historical h ... [Continue reading here]
By James Riley

Finding somewhere to live is notoriously difficult. You want everything, but you don't want to pay. You want the best area, the best place and near to work. Finding flats to rent in London makes life all the more difficult.

London has some of the highest prop ... [Continue reading here]
By Ramesollin Rame

Relocation to London is increasing with the upsurge in jobs and recruitment for London based companies from various countries. With that said there is obviously a corresponding hike in the requirement for rental accommodation as most professionals, whether living in L ... [Continue reading here]
By George Fuller

London is the fastest growing city in the entire United Kingdom. People come here to visit their relatives, attend business meetings and enjoy the unique lifestyle offered by the capital city. The desire of coming to London flourishes in the heart of many people and the ... [Continue reading here]
By George Fuller

London is Europe's largest city, with a population of roughly eight million. Starting at the cities core on the River Thames, it spans an area of over 620 square miles. Apart from its expanse it is also one of the most diverse metropolises in the world. Roughly 200 lang ... [Continue reading here]
By Kapila Bhatia

Synchronized swimming started as a game only for the men in early 1800s. The sport now consists of two forms - Synchronized swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics - at the Olympics and is a sport only for women.

The main objective of Synchronized swimming is to p ... [Continue reading here]
By Josh Harrison

If you are planning to take a round the world tour either for pleasure or business, then you should take time out to make sure you think about taking out a worldwide travel insurance policy. You want your travel experience to be special and memorable; you don't want to ... [Continue reading here]
By Kapila Bhatia

Tennis disappeared from the Olympic arena since the 1924 Games (Paris) since its appearance in the 1896 Games at Athens. The game returned in the 1988 Games at Seoul (64 years later). The tennis lovers have a point to be positively content as the event is being held exa ... [Continue reading here]
By Isa Morgan

The summer season in London brings with it an eclectic mix of festival-based fun. Each year, an unforgettable array of events take place in the capital, many of which are free to attend. Summer festivals are certainly one of the most exciting ways to experience this vibran ... [Continue reading here]
By Nosagie Esere

London City really looks forward to hosting the thirtieth Olympic games. They beat Paris as a rival to hosting this prestigious event. London City had been awarded the games during their final round and they were able to beat New York, Moscow, Paris and Madrid. This cit ... [Continue reading here]
By Tom Ingrams

Although sunshine can't always be guaranteed in England during the summer, nothing quite beats the atmosphere on the streets of London on a warm day. When the sun comes out, the pavements are suddenly filled with tables of people eating al fresco and office workers crowdi ... [Continue reading here]
By M L Symonds

After a difficult few years, the outlook for the UK's mortgage industry is positive, according to a group of large mortgage lenders. A panel of mortgage lenders assembled at the Mortgage Business Expo in London last week and discussed the prospects for the country's mortg ... [Continue reading here]
By Chris Borthwick

It has never been harder than at the moment to get a mortgage with the current economic state. This guide has been created to provide practical tips to anyone looking to get a mortgage whether it'd be for a London or Aberdeen mortgage or anywhere in between.
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By Paul Giles

Mortgages have a long history, which many attribute to the feudal system in the 12th century. The word mortgage is said to derive from the French for a 'dead pledge' - as opposed to a 'live pledge' which was the other type of pledge available in those times. A live pledge ... [Continue reading here]
By M L Symonds

Despite continued grim forecasts about the state of the UK property market, the prime residential market in London continues to prove remarkably resilient. New figures show that the average value of prime homes in London reached a record high in September and that values ... [Continue reading here]
By Nick Riviera

The property market in London is rather different compared with the rest of the country. There is super-prime category where homes go for two, three, four million or even more.

The average price of a home in Kensington and Chelsea now stands at 1,079,414, w ... [Continue reading here]
By Tom Sangers

There are some fairly major differences between the banking and finance sectors, most notably the different types of opportunities available in these related but separate areas.

Banking jobs in major cities like London tend to fall in the retail, private and ... [Continue reading here]
By Chris Pollock

Travelling Europe by train has been made so much easier these days by the infrastructure that is in place all around the continent. Travelling by rail can do either in done style and comfort or by affordability; whichever you choose, the rail network spans across the wh ... [Continue reading here]