A Comparison of Banking & Finance Jobs With a Look at the London Job Market
By Tom Sangers

There are some fairly major differences between the banking and finance sectors, most notably the different types of opportunities available in these related but separate areas.

Banking jobs in major cities like London tend to fall in the retail, private and sometimes boutique banking sectors. These roles comprise of dealing with transactional activities and other general banking duties. Banking positions span, front, middle and back office positions supporting the entire trade process from sales and execution through clearing and settlement. An investment banker would most typically work for an investment bank who will help corporations and businesses to raise funds in capital markets.

When it comes to finance jobs, the positions tend to involve management of assets, money and other finances. Finance Jobs often comprise of micro and macro economic analysis and include tasks and duties to manage funds and preserve and create wealth for the organisation. But putting the differences aside, job opportunities in both the finance sector and the banking sector are frequently available if you have the right skills and experience.

in the UK the biggest place to get a banking or finance job is London. With areas such as London city and Docklands, London is the best place to look for banking jobs in the UK. It is seen as the banking hub of the world and the largest business centre in Europe, so residents in the UK have some great opportunities available to them.

Figures shows that over 20% of the largest companies in Europe have their headquarters in London and around 25% of the largest companies in the world have their main European offices based there. The London financial exchange market is said to be worth over $500 billion which is more than New York's and Tokyo's combined. This has also led to there being thousands of financial and banking jobs in the city.

With a need for so many finance professionals, specialist recruitment companies like Martin Ward Anderson have been created to provide the best candidates for these finance and banking jobs in not only London, but the rest of the UK and abroad.

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