Borrowing and Deposit Mortgage Advice to Get You That Property
By Chris Borthwick

It has never been harder than at the moment to get a mortgage with the current economic state. This guide has been created to provide practical tips to anyone looking to get a mortgage whether it'd be for a London or Aberdeen mortgage or anywhere in between.


First things first, you need to see how much you can borrow, generally mortgage lenders will allow you to borrow three times your salary or if you are buying with someone else it will likely be two and a half times of the joint salary.

There are other options to consider so don't worry if you can't afford to buy your ideal home using the above methods. One option lenders offer is to allow two people to buy together giving three times the salary of the larger salary and one times the lesser. Other options include if you want to rent a room out you can add this income to your salary before income assessments are calculated. It is worth searching the market to see what options lenders are offering as they often change, using a mortgage broker will help you search the market without the hassle.

Final tip for borrowing - been honest! If you hide information on debt or county court judgements held when you take a mortgage it can come back to affect you greatly, later on.


Banks are being understandably more careful with their
lending. The size of the deposit makes a huge difference not only in terms of being able to acquire a mortgage but at a decent rate. Larger deposits are needed to secure a mortgage so if you can hold on a little longer, save up a bigger deposit it will save you money in the long run. Many work overtime or take a second job and/or live at home to save money as quickly as possible. Bigger deposit -means a much better deal.

Although there are no 100% or 125% mortgages on the market as at time of writing (and unlikely soon) you do have the Family Equity Loan Plan mortgage where a parent or close family relative will take an equity stake in the property when paying for part of the home.

If you are in Scotland you also have the option of the new LIFT mortgage scheme were the government will take a stake in the property, allowing you to get that property of your dreams.

Mortgage Broker

Using the services of a mortgage broker is a good place to start. A good mortgage broker will search the whole of the market to ensure you find the best deal available whether it'd be for an Aberdeen Mortgage, London or anywhere else in the UK.

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