Flats To Rent in London
By James Riley

Finding somewhere to live is notoriously difficult. You want everything, but you don't want to pay. You want the best area, the best place and near to work. Finding flats to rent in London makes life all the more difficult.

London has some of the highest property prices in the world. These prices are fuelled by demand. That is the sheer number of people who want to live there. Unfortunately there isn't enough supply, so there aren't enough flats available for everyone to rent. This makes life difficult if you are looking for you dream flat. Most of the properties are owned by rich landlords and corporations who rent out their flats as a business. So they will always rent to the highest bidder.

Finding a flat in London isn't personal is a fight in which you need to be prepared fully. You have to be determined and ready to pounce. The best place to start is online. Get a grasp of prices and what is available in your budget. There are thousands of websites online that offer property. Also you can research your area. Type in the areas your interested into Google. If the top ten listings are gangland shootings you may wish to reconsider your choice of area.

When you decide where
you want to live and your budget. You need to decide what you are going to e able to get for it. You need to be clinically determined when you book your appointments. Cram in as many appointments as you can, One after the other, try and see 5 or 6 on your first day. Don't expect to take anywhere. This is to educate you on what available.

Go home and re-evaluate expectation areas and your budget.

This time go out with your deposit in hand and book as many appointments as you can again and if needed re visit properties you liked. If you see something you like take it. Sounds obvious right? Not really, so many people miss the opportunity to get the perfect flat because they don't pounce when they have the chance.

If you don't find a flat straight away don't give up just keep looking with the same determination and you will find somewhere. On average you will probably need to see 10-20 flats to find a great one. However you could find the perfect one is the first one so be prepared to pounce.

Good luck

Written by James Riley who helped create [http://www.livesimply.co.uk]

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