London 2012 Summer Olympics
By Nosagie Esere

London City really looks forward to hosting the thirtieth Olympic games. They beat Paris as a rival to hosting this prestigious event. London City had been awarded the games during their final round and they were able to beat New York, Moscow, Paris and Madrid. This city became first among the other countries, hosting these Summer Games three times, and even if the Beijing games are difficult to watch over, they really worked hard in putting their stamp for the said event.

The Olympic Games of London City on 2012 will be taking place on July 27 until August 12. This game had been anticipated to draw in lots of international travelers to the city and is also expected to be crammed by their own people. So to prepare, the city of London started repairs of their public transits to allow them to cope with the potential influx. The improvement of London public transportation system was one of their keys to winning the bid. The organizers goal for the Olympic Games includes having 100% of game spectators arriving to venues using a public vehicles and 80% of athletes should be able to commute within 20 minutes from this event.

The venue of London 2012 Olympics will become a mixture of the new and the old facilities. It includes historic landmarks of London. Being uneasy, and in order for them to succeed and not repeat the mistakes of the Millennium Dome, their organizers included ideas to downsize the venue for future usage while some will be moved to a newer location right after the Olympic Games.

Olympic Games in London, as with several other previous hosts, will surely be very controversial. Possibly its major controversy is on financial matters. Its been announced
that the budget will be 5.3 billion for the infrastructure including the venue, then further 1.7 billion to regenerate Lower Lea valley, where the Olympic Games will take place. Some of the financial costs had been expected for an addition of 2.7 billion on budgets. Having this huge financial budget to be spent the expectation is that several vocal groups will oppose the Olympic Games.

The Olympics logo also got its fair share of the controversy because of its numerous negative responses received including what some say as unreasonably spent budget. The common opinion is that the logo produced is not worth the 400,000 spent.

Olympic and Paralympics tickets will be sold in Spring of 2011. There is an estimated 8,000,000 available tickets for the Olympic Games; and around 15,000,000 for the Paralympics. There will be 26 featured sports as well as 38 types of disciplines. However, softball and baseball were already dropped in the Olympic Games when London had been awarded two days right after the bid. There will also be women boxing on this event.

This Olympic Games of London 2012 had been touted as being an environment-friendly game. A lot of effort was done to ensure that resources used were eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. London's waterways had also been regenerated, then a large park had been reserved so as an added attraction for visitors to explore.

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