Summer Travel in London
By Tom Ingrams

Although sunshine can't always be guaranteed in England during the summer, nothing quite beats the atmosphere on the streets of London on a warm day. When the sun comes out, the pavements are suddenly filled with tables of people eating al fresco and office workers crowding outside the pub for a drink.

The buzz and vibe of the city in summer is a treat for any visitor - and here's a list of the best things to do in London when the sunshine does arrive!

1. Take a refreshing dip

Outdoor swimming pools aren't just found at luxury hotels in London - there are a number of popular lidos around the city which are fantastic on a hot day. Hackney lido is one of the biggest, whilst the pools are Hampstead Heath have the best views and most natural feel.

2. Snack at a market

London's markets are a top draw all year round but can be enjoyed to the full in summer. Camden is the place to go for alternative culture and excellent food stalls from all around the world. Wander through the shops then pause at the lock to people watch with a drink and an Argentinean steak burger, or perhaps a plate of paella.

On the weekends, the market at London Bridge has an equally good selection of things to eat and a slightly more grown
up and family orientated atmosphere. Pick up a snack here then take a seat by Southwark Cathedral or along the river to enjoy your purchases.

3. Hire a bike

Forget sweating on the bus and the tube in summer, and take to the roads! Although not as cycle friendly as some cities in Europe, London now has a decent network of paths and cycle lanes and the city is making a big effort to make it the most attractive way to get around. And the best way to see London is definitely by bike, even as a visitor. On two wheels, you stumble upon hidden gems such as tiny backstreet shops and pubs. It's a way to experience a more authentic and exciting side of London.

4. Picnic in the park

London has a surprisingly decent amount of open and green spaces for a big metropolis and the colorful Regents Park is at its heart. On sunny days, the grass is full of workers enjoying a sandwich on their lunch break and students playing games. Pick up a few treats from a store nearby and enjoy this busy scene as you munch.

Tom Ingrams is a travel writer who specializes in the higher end of the market, with particular attention to the very best luxury hotels in London.

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